Violeta Galagarza (center) practicing with KR3Ts for an upcoming show at Hostos Community College later this month.

Spanish Harlem choreographer, Violeta Galagarza, is looking for a new place to call home for her dance company after being displaced from Hurricane Sandy.

Her youth dance group, Keep Rising To The Top (KR3Ts) practiced in the cafeteria of Metropolitan Hospital Center for five years on the weekend. They were force too search for a new location after the hospital closed down.

For the last three months, Galagarza ran the company out of a community room within a new building development on East 115th street and Madison Avenue.

However, the superintendent of the building no longer wants KR3Ts to practice in the space for security and noise issues.

KR3Ts has been provided 5000 inner city youth with a creative outlet to nurture their talent; easing the burden of dealing with social and street pressures for two decades.

Though she has overcome many hardships and sacrifices to keep KR3Ts running, Galagarza is hoping for options.

“I’m praying and waiting patiently. I have no other choice,” said Galagarza.


Galagarza in front of KR3Ts award wall in her home. The company has been recognized by NY Daily News, Time Out NY, as well as elected officials like Adam Clayton Powell, IV and Council Member Melissa Mark-Viverito.



Amanda Soto, 17, says KR3ts taught her “to not be afraid of being good at something and showing it to others.” She has been a member for 7 years.



“It taught me to be disciplined, organized and helped me to build character,” said Jarrett Thomas. He is 25 years-old and commutes from Westchester, NY every weekend for practice.



Galgaraza tends to student who forgot her cell phone in the practice space. Amanda is on the phone with the superintendent who informs her she would not be able to get until the next day.



After practice and an hour searching for parking, Galagarza is still on her feet. Here, she cooks for her son and the dancers in her house who were unable to leave the city because of the cell phone that was left behind.

In addition to running KR3Ts and teaching at The Joffrey School of Ballet, Galagarza also takes care of her mom, Rosa, who was diagnosed with stage four cancer.